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Robert Fitterman
Collective tasks start on March 1, 2006, each member of this project will propose a task on the first of each month for the group to complete. Each group member will interpret or execute the task in any way and thru any medium (text, sound files, images, etc.). One of the few ground rules will be that the end of each month is a strict deadline. At the end of each month, each member will send me his or her piece. At the end of the year, we'll publish and/or present publicly our 10 collective tasks.
TASK 08: My October idea is to honor the spirit of Freecycle. That is, all materials used in the project must be used, borrowed, bartered or stolen. No money can change hands for the materials of your project. If you are someone who already freecycles materials in your usual practice, whether it is physical, linguistic, musical or other, please freecycle with a new material or in a new methodology.
Lisa Sanditz
Rob Fitterman
Monica de la Torre
Stacy Doris
Water Oracle
To create this piece, Water Oracle, I am freecycling in a new field, audio. Field recording, which this is in a way, is I suppose all freecycling, but I further freecycle in using the expensive recording equipment, software and knowhow as well as some sound belonging to Laura Vitale.
Thank you Laura!
Carol Mirakove

Carol Mirakove with Jen Benka in implied collaboration

Yedda Morrison

Dollar store kitsch posing as 17th Century Dutch still life

Lisa Sanditz

Title: Still Life
Materials: Local wildflowers and flowers made from recycled plastic, shopping bags

Rod Smith
Juliana Spahr

Sabine Herrmann

Klaus Killisch

my freecycling studio

list of participants and their assigned months:

Rob Fitterman- March
Tim Davis - April
Monica de la Torre - May
Stay Doris - June
Carol Mirakove - July
Yedda Morrison - August
Kim Rosenfield - September
Lisa Sanditz - October
Rod Smith - November
Juliana Spahr - December
Sabine Herrmann
Klaus Killisch

Robert Fitterman

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