Collective Task

Collective Task, founded in 2006, is an international group of artists and poets with over 30 participants. Our premise is simple: on the first day of each month a member of the collective assigns a task for the other members to complete within the month. These monthly responses appear ongoing on our website. In addition to the website, we have published several volumes of our task responses. 

In 2012, Collective Task performed at MoMA. The performances were mostly text-based, photography, and video. In June 2014, the collective performed, similarly, at the Berlin Poetry Festival. In December 2016 Collective Task celebrated its 10th anniversary and a new publication with a performance at 67 Ludlow Gallery in New York City. In 2017, we facilitated a workshop version of Collective Task at the art academy in Baghdad. And recently, in 2021, our 15th year, Collective Task is branching out to develop collective text and art projects beyond our monthly “task” responses.

title image: cycle 5 task 06, Erica Baum, Post-Body

Collective Task, world map, 2021

Cycle 6 started on October 1st, 2021
December task 02 by Monica McClure: WEB 3
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