task 01 / 6

Robert Fitterman


Erica Baum

cycle 6 task 01, Erica Baum

Riccardo Boglione

cycle 6 task 01, Riccardo Boglione

Felipe Cussen

cycle 6 task 01, Felipe Cussen

Robert Fitterman


Sophia Le Fraga

cycle 6 task 01, Sophia Le Fraga

Aurelia Guo

cycle 6 task 01, Aurelia Guo

Sabine Herrmann

cycle 6 task 01, Sabine Herrmann, re-turns, 2021, pigments, acrylic on paper, 24x32cm

Eddie Hopely

facility w water
in the wheel
go windmill
kept fresh
eaters thought
it was a meal
for real
way worse
off glassy hypnosis
talker than
time’s humor enigmatic
prey cartwheels
the mean cup
plum away
in ribbons
listening cross
2 then the sequencer’s
plush shapes —
bridges cross
a rainbow
thoroughly point
and teal burns
at absolute
zero now i feel
working thru
gray sliver water
hovering over
the cell, clear
blod cushy stylus
pro the metal 1
circle u really
air helps smooth
life as greens
spiral 2 kill
teach mean
blue marker
beyond flakes
groups’ neon
grid prop yellow
teardrop 2 orange
dime, slid into hat:
green-spike tape’s
sorry for u r

Klaus Killisch

Klaus Killisch, the return of vinyls, collage, ink on paper, 70x50cm / 28x20inch

Astrid Lorange

cycle 6 task 01, Astrid Lorange

Monica McClure


Yedda Morrison

cycle 6 task 01, Yedda Morrison

Michael Prado

cycle 6 task 01, Michael Prado

Kim Rosenfield

cycle 6 task 01, Kim Rosenfield

Ed Steck


Suzanne Treister

cycle 6 task 01, Suzanne Treister, RETURN TO EARTH AFTER 15 MILLION YEARS, Ink on paper, 21 x 29.7 cm

Aaron Winslow

cycle 6 task 01, Aaron Winslow, Please find the attached invoice in return for my artistic services. Payment due upon receipt.

Matvei Yankelevich