task 02 / 6

Monica McClure


Erica Baum

cycle 6 task 02, Erica Baum

Riccardo Boglione

cycle 6 task 02, Riccardo Boglione, web3 and other webs


Felipe Cussen

cycle 6 task 02, Felipe Cussen

Robert Fitterman

cycle 6 task 02, Robert Fitterman

Sophia Le Fraga

cycle 6 task 02, Sophia Le Fraga

Aurelia Guo

cycle 6 task 02, Aurelia Guo

Eddie Hopely

cycle 6 task 02, Eddie Hopely, cover


Klaus Killisch

cycle 6 task 02, Klaus Killisch, collage, ink on paper, 70x50cm, 28x20inch


Kristin Lucas 

cycle 6 task 02, Kristin Lucas

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Monica McClure

cycle 6 task 02, Monica McClure

Kim Rosenfield

cycle 6 task 02, Kim Rosenfield

Ed Steck

a deer skinning knife was left on the hood of my car

            I plant to destroy all webs, pods, tabs, caps, lids

choking the zone out reveals game-level hemorrhaging 

            bubble gum I’m chewing is more like antifreeze

I made my own hunting knife this summer from a block

            of steel and a wood-chunk / fucked with cactus

riding a bike in a circle / I’ll snort up all the spicy kind

            make my huge debut on live network televesion

Suzanne Treister

cycle 6 task 02, Suzanne Treister