task 04 / 6

Topic: Flattening
Prompt: Record a 5-15 second long audio piece.
Supplemental: Include a piece of text or visual or other. 
Purpose: Sound will be edited together in collective transmissions or dispersed haphazardly in single transmissions to continue a collective thread through a one-night only Collective Task radio show hosted by Ed Steck. The radio show will include music I listen to, as well. 
Ed Steck


Robert Fitterman
Klaus Killisch

Robert Fitterman: text & voice, Klaus Killisch: video, ambientfunk: music

Klaus Killisch

cycle 6 task 04, Klaus Killisch, 29,5 x 21cm / 11.6 x 8.3”

Kristin Lucas

cycle 6 task 04, Kristin Lucas

Aug 31, 2021, The New York Times, Bucking the Pandemic, Austin Is ‘the Hottest Market in the Country’
Oct 13, 2021, The New York Times, Tesla to Move Headquarters to Texas from California
Nov 16, 2021, Dallas Morning News, Austin is rated as the best place in the world to relocate.
Nov 29, 2021, The New York Times, How Austin Became One of the Least Affordable Cities in America
cycle 6 task 04, Kristin Lucas
cycle 6 task 04, Kristin Lucas

Sam Winston

cycle 6 task 04, Sam Winston, Be Happy!