task 03 / 6

The Mystic
Suzanne Treister


Erica Baum

cycle 6 task 03, Erica Baum

Felipe Cussen

cycle 6 task 03, Felipe Cussen

Rob Fitterman

cycle 6 task 03, Robert Fitterman


Sophia Le Fraga

cycle 6 task 03, Sophia Le Fraga
cycle 6 task 03, Sophia Le Fraga, Sunset

Eddie Hopely

glutted with bridge my silly web, me
sly felt hat, primarily, and plain
rags, bridge beams smoothened with brown oil
smelted coin edges press bows in pouch
stud-heads scuff my cuffed felt, instead
the axle of wooden wheel one branch
splintering bridge, my rake and moss hoe
green worm with knubs for grasper, ribbon
from hilt, red liquid in sealed vase bursts
breaking fruit stick plus geodic flame
lippy rumored spider under bridge
slink into nectar of flower cup
time object onto the rumored rock
rottweilers waft the wet wooden bridge

Klaus Killisch

cycle 6 task 03, Klaus Killisch, The Mystic, ink on paper, 30x21cm / 12x8inch

Monica McClure

cycle 6 task 03, Monica McClure

Kim Rosenfield

Sam Winston

cycle 6 task 03, Sam Winston, Colour filed Thangka

Matvei Yankelevich

cycle 6 task 03, Matvei Yankelevich