task 05 / 6

Kim Rosenfield


Erica Baum

cycle 6 task 05, Erica Baum, Wig

Riccardo Boglione

cycle 6 task 05, Riccardo Boglione

Felipe Cussen

cycle 6 task 05, Felipe Cussen

Robert Fitterman

cycle 6 task 05, Robert Fitterman

Sophia Le Fraga


You’re a man on a boat
But before that you’re a child
On your way home from school.
Want to smoke a joint?
You imagine yourself smoking it
Walking to your house
Where you were sent to live.
You register the sky
The way it smells.
Suddenly there’s no time to get home
And then, there’s only time.
Living on a boat sounds wonderful
For a couple of weeks.
Until your brother drowns.
On a Tuesday you reach 
The west coast.
Now every day there’s sun
And every Saturday
You eat bánh xèo.

Kristen Gallagher

cycle 6 task 05, Kristen Gallagher, page from Vanguard Mail Operations


Monica McClure

cycle 6 task 05, Monica McClure, Indigenous

Kim Rosenfield

cycle 6 task 05, Kim Rosenfield

Ed Steck

cycle 6 task 05, Ed Steck

Sam Winston

cycle 6 task 06, Sam Winston, the stories we leave behind