task 06 / 6

Aurelia Guo


Erica Baum

cycle 6 task 06, Erica Baum, Dersh Feather and Trading Corp. 4th Floor
cycle 6 task 06, Erica Baum, Flight Simulation

Robert Fitterman

Flight! The Modernist

Sophia Le Fraga

cycle 6 task 06, Sophia Le Fraga

Aurelia Guo

cycle 6 task 06, Aurelia Guo

Eddie Hopely

Special Purple Leaf

Count on a further duration of joy.
In gravel underwritten by sand
your vehicle’s cruising wheel
distorts like an uninterrupted kiss’ mobility.
Count on a future of happiness.
Listening into the air
which arrives for you alone, you hear:
Special Purple Leaf.
A public train issues its joyful scream;
pseudo-mushrooms wriggle from falling water.
Haven’t you taken the day
and studied a prepossessing art?
The stranger crumbles their little paper
into your lap as they pass: <3 [mobile #]
Stones lain by the dead cup your route.
Without volition, your troublemaker heart
leads you to iced coffee spritzer.
Seeing dolphins way out there is fine.
Pinkish fire doesn’t choose what to touch;
having a sense is anti-design.
Seeing dolphins way out there is fine.
Little can’t be known
upon a well-selected complement’s reflection:
Special Purple Leaf.

Thirst for twisty water surprises you
like the weight of a hollow, sunflower brownish-yellow chain’s link.
Standing to watch your lunch-date return to work
your being overcome goes on
beneath their final, laughing glance.
If you accumulate tens of thousands of evolutions
and the passage of an immense machine concretises
your sublime dream can newly render wet:
Special Purple Leaf.
Listening for structure and count,
can your very dense idea encircle my habits?
Listening for structure and count,
my love for a silly look is up in the wind
with whatever you like to see:
Special Purple Leaf.

Klaus Killisch

cycle 6 task 06, Klaus Killisch, A Flight through Berlin

Joseph Mosconi

sporting the most
overweening of Leviathans—while at the
same time climbing out the skunk of the atmos¬
phere a most extinct stegosaur in our
microcost of life. We are treated to the
travesty of urban life on a small ranch in
West Texas, perfun¬
ded by huge trucks loaded with pastoral
wafer dust, bristling with cones and carted
anaphorically indeed—biomechanically
aggrieved, indefinably breached, muttering
“die motherfucker”
“die motherfucker”
“Don’t you get Joshua Tree?”
“Yes, completely.”

Kristen Gallagher

cycle 6 task 06, Kristen Gallagher


Kim Rosenfield

cycle 6 task 06, Kim Rosenfield

Sam Winston

cycle 6 task 06, Sam Winston, inaccurate / fled